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Reaction Podcast: Seahawks win, Lions win, Seattle is in the playoffs!

What a way to end the regular season!

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Entering the 4th quarter at Lumen Field, the Seattle Seahawks were on their way out of the playoffs at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams. Then they tied the game, then missed the game-winner at the end of regulation, punted to start overtime, got the ball back on a Quandre Diggs interception, then won it in overtime.

That was their part of the job done. It came at the expense of a playoff berth for the Detroit Lions, but that didn’t stop them from sweeping the Green Bay Packers and eliminating them from playoff contention. Seattle won 19-16 in their game, the Lions won 20-16 in theirs, and the Seahawks are in the postseason when it looked as if their season was done before the events at Lambeau Field.

Field Gulls Podcast host Dan Viens waited until the Lions-Packers was over to do his reaction podcast episode, and now it’s up! Seattle is playoff bound!

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