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Enemy Reaction 2022: Seahawks vs. Rams, but from the Lions fans’ perspectives

The Rams fans get the day off.

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks ended their regular season on a high note, but it wasn’t until 8:22 PM PT that it was confirmed that they would be in the playoffs. A heroic win by the Detroit Lions, eliminated due to the Seahawks’ win earlier in the afternoon, sent the Green Bay Packers packing on their own stadium and propelled Seattle into the postseason. That means we’re getting a double dose of Enemy Reaction!

Here’s the deal: There’s not a lot I can do when Rams fans don’t even reach 400 combined comments on the Turf Show Times game thread. So we will give them a reprieve and instead focus on Pride of Detroit, who will be on the good and bad side of Enemy Reaction this week in a special two-part series.

Today you get the bad side where they’re upset that the Rams didn’t knock the Seahawks out and give themselves a chance at making the playoffs. Then tomorrow it’s a supersized Enemy Reaction looking back at Lions-Packers, with jubilation from Lions and Seahawks fans alike, plus the crushing response from Packers fans. Oh yeah, and you’ll get bonus celebrations within the NFC North, a division that collectively despises Green Bay.

Geno Smith intercepted by Jalen Ramsey on the game’s first play, leading to Rams field goal (3-0 LAR)

Geno Smith nearly picked again, but the pass is dropped (6-6)

Tutu Atwell scores on an end-around (13-6 LAR)

Geno writes back with a touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett (13-13)

Jalen Ramsey gets Geno Smith for a second time (16-13 LAR)

Running into the punter extends Seattle drive (16-13 LAR)

Rams stuff Kenneth Walker III (16-13 LAR)

Huge run by Geno Smith, personal foul penalty on Jalen Ramsey puts Seattle in field goal range (16-16)

DOINK! But the bad kind by Jason Myers (16-16)

Quandre Diggs picks off Baker Mayfield (16-16)

Jason Myers wins it! (19-16 SEA OT Final)

There’s your appetizer. Lots of referee complaints in the end by Lions fans but it’s heat of the moment stuff that every fanbase is prone to (some more than others). I’m pretty sure I can guess how Seahawks fans were on this site when the Packers were getting a few favorable calls against the Lions. Coming on Tuesday is maybe the greatest Enemy Reaction for a non-Seahawks game we’ve ever had. Lions fans will want to read this one!

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!