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Open thread: What are your favorite Geno Smith moments thus far?

Celebrating Geno’s birthday with our favorite moments of him as a Seahawks quarterback.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Geno Smith’s 33rd birthday, so why not celebrate by looking back at his best moments in a Seattle Seahawks uniform?

I didn’t think we’d ever even get this type of discussion going, but Geno has earned it with his career turnaround over the past couple of seasons. Few could’ve envisioned this scenario both before and after Russell Wilson got traded, but here we are with the Seahawks sitting at 12-9 in the Geno Smith Era.

For whatever reason, I’m drawn to his first meaningful drive as a Seahawk after Russell Wilson got hurt. He’s backed up at his own 2-yard line against the eventual Super Bowl champs, and the Rams had held Seattle to just 7 points in 8 drives. This seemed like an impossible task for Geno to do much of anything, and then...

Yeah, Seattle lost this game but it showed us a glimpse of what Geno was capable of. This was the beginning of the end of Russell’s time in Seattle.

Obviously Geno has not only given us great performances, but also great bars, and great memes.

So have at it! What are your favorite Geno moments in a Seahawks uniform? Answer in the comments below!