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Casual Friday open thread: Your scariest Halloween costumes

Halloween is almost here! How scary do your costumes get?

Halloween Celebrations In Gdansk, Poland Photo by Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Welcome to Casual Friday, the open thread where we venture away from the Seattle Seahawks to talk about other stuff.

Halloween isn’t for another couple of weeks, but today is Friday the 13th, and getting it during Halloween month is an extra treat for some of you. I already see my neighbors decorating their front doors with faux cobwebs, posters of legendary horror film characters, pumpkins, witch hats, you get the idea. I have not seen any black cats in my neighborhood so I think I’m safe.

I assume most of you have dressed up for Halloween at least once in your life. What’s your style and what are your scariest costumes? And what are the scariest costumes you’ve ever seen?

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