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DK Metcalf: ‘I don’t feel like I was a problem’

Many Seahawks fans were upset with the young receiver after the loss to the Bengals, but Metcalf feels he was not a problem and doesn’t plan on changing the way he plays.

Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are set to host the Arizona Cardinals in the first Beak Week installment of 2023 Sunday, but the sting of the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6 remains for many fans.

One of the major targets of criticism following the loss has been DK Metcalf, who once again drew a flag for unnecessary roughness far downfield from the play, and which instead of allowing the Seahawks to have 2nd & 6 put the team in a 2nd & 21 situation. The fact that it was second and a mile turned out not to be a huge deal, as Geno Smith connected with Tyler Lockett for 32 yards to move the chains. However, the drive then stalled out at the Cincinnati 44, and had the offense not lost fifteen yards of field position to the penalty, it’s possible they could have been within field goal range.

Obviously, on a day like Sunday where points were at a premium and just a half dozen points were scored in the second half between the two teams any major penalty could be impactful, but even in the wake of yet another 15-yard penalty, Metcalf Wednesday reiterated that he does not intend to change the way he plays.

As for how things look from Metcalf’s perspective, when asked about the fact that he is at the top of the penalty board Pete Carroll displayed to the team, he responded:

“That’s just a board to me. I’m not gonna change the way I play. If you look at the penalties, there’s a taunting, unnecessary roughness, facemask, holding and, I think one more in there. I’m doing pretty good if I look at it and judge myself on how I play and just try to be consistent and have clean hands or whatever the case may be. I’m not gonna change who I am as a player or a person.”

When asked specifically if he felt like he had made progress in the area of channeling his emotions more, Metcalf answered,

“I’m just going to leave that up to everybody else. I don’t feel like I was a problem or I need to make progress in a certain area. Football is a violent sport and it’s my one opportunity to be violent on game day. So, I’m just gonna continue to do that.”

So, for those fans who may be made at Metcalf, they may get the chance to continue to be mad at Metcalf in the coming weeks.