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Seahawks vs. Giants podcast previews, with double the John P. Gilbert!

Watch Seahawks-Giants previews ahead of ‘Monday Night Football’ in New Jersey!

NFL: New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another Seattle Seahawks game day, and while you’re waiting for the clock to hit 5:15 pm PT for ‘Monday Night Football’ against the New York Giants, why don’t you listen/watch a couple of podcast previews with our own John P. Gilbert?

The first one is with Big Blue View’s Ed Valentine, keeping things within the SB Nation family. The other one is a live stream with Alex Gajovich-Potich on his Big Blue In The Bronx show. I was actually supposed to be on Alex’s show like I was last year, but unfortunately I had a prior engagement on Saturday that brushed up against the recording time so John filled in for me.

So you get a double dose of Gilbert in your life, giving the enemy the insight on our Seahawks.

The BBV podcast runs just under 24 minutes, where as Big Blue in the Bronx is about 30 minutes. Easily digestible content, and here are the videos for your consumption!

Preview with Big Blue View

Preview with Big Blue in the Bronx