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Seahawks vs. Cardinals is least ‘watchable’ game of Week 7

Not a lot of interest in the Cardinals anymore, it seems.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

We’re back with the watchability ratings!

The Seattle Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals with not only the second biggest spread of Week 7, but the lowest watchability score from Sumer Sports.

No, that tiny number’s not the Seahawks offensive Expected Points Added or anything, that’s a game four times less watchable than Raiders vs. Bears.

Say what now?

Again, the criteria they use to determine the watchability score comes mainly from three factors: Team strength, Quarterback play, and then the total projected points and difference between the teams.

Again, worse than Raiders / Bears?

Part of it is because that game might actually come down to a missed kick or a fumble or something, whereas Seattle is expected to win a blowout over Arizona.

Which, um, I guess nobody told these Sumer Sports fellas what the Cardinals occasionally do to the Seahawks on the road.

Regardless, it is interesting that the score’s so low because it reflects what the Cardinals were supposed to be this season, not what they’ve actually played like. They’re 1-5 with a win over the Dallas Cowboys and about half the point differential of all the other bad teams. They’ve been competitive in essentially every game up until the fourth quarter. The loss of RB James Connor may be what finally sends Arizona into the tank, regardless of whether Kyler Murray plays again this season, which is not supposed to happen this Sunday.

They’re not totally wrong with this ranking though. If I were forced to choose - which I sort of am this week - I’m targeting next week against the Cleveland Browns as infinitely more interesting to watch.

Let’s hope for everyone’s sake the game is actually as boring as indicated, meaning we’re not praying that Jason Myers makes his 4th field goal to go up 12-10 in the final seconds.