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2023 NFL Season: Seahawks vs. Cardinals 1st Quarter game thread

Seattle better win this one, or else trouble looms.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks hare 0-1 in the NFC West and really cannot afford to drop to 0-2. They’re facing an Arizona Cardinals team that is getting Budda Baker back but is otherwise still playing Joshua Dobbs at quarterback, and has a severe talent disadvantage against most teams. Arizona has been competitive in most games but they’re still just 1-5 and haven’t won on the road.

This isn’t a must-win necessarily but it feels like one given how much more difficult Seattle’s schedule will soon become. The Seahawks should win this game, and they’d be well served to win impressively. Otherwise the atmosphere among the fans is going to be nastier than it already is.


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