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‘Don’t sleep on these Seahawks’ - Fans and former players react to win vs. Cardinals

Are the Seahawks building something special?

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

I think Doug Baldwin just put the rest of the league on notice. The Arizona Cardinals came to town, and the Seattle Seahawks decided to flex their defensive muscle in a 20-10 victory that would have looked even better if not for some self-inflicted wounds along the way. This defense is allowing ten points per game over the last three weeks, and the emergence of rookie Devon Witherspoon has been a revelation for a team that was struggling to find an identity in recent seasons. And it isn’t just Witherspoon, the entire defense is gelling right now. Baldwin wasn’t the only former player who was paying attention.

But containing Josh Dobbs and the Cardinals offense wasn’t the biggest story heading into the game; DK Metcalf was a game-time scratch, and the offense faced some questions without him. Well, they seemingly had an answer.

More accurately, they had two answers, This should strike fear into the hearts of opposing defenses who can expect to see this line up on a weekly basis:

But getting back to what Doug Baldwin said, are things just... a little different this time around? Like, in a good way?

Devon Witherspoon, everybody.

In addition to their young playmakers on offense and the continued development of the defense, the team also saw great performances from some veterans and key players on both sides of the ball.

The offensive line has been struggling mightily, but that is to be expected from a position group that has been hit with injury as hard as this one.

Now, just remember....