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Jake Bobo has NFL’s most improbable touchdown of the season

Geno to Bobo has a nice ring to it.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Folks, Jake Bobo is garnering national attention.

The Seattle Seahawks undrafted rookie wide receiver stepped up big in DK Metcalf’s absence, with 4 catches for 61 yards and this unbelievable touchdown grab against the Arizona Cardinals. It doesn’t look physically possible to make this catch and get both feet inbounds, but anything is possible with Jake Bobo.

It’s great protection by the offensive line, a fantastic throw by Geno Smith, and a superb effort by Bobo with Starling Thomas draped all over him. The catch itself was impressive, but the footwork rivals his touchdown against the Carolina Panthers.

Initially, this was ruled incomplete, but Pete Carroll challenged the call and he was victorious. Dean Blandino explains why Bobo’s catch, and a similarly unbelievable play by Puka Nucua were both ruled as completed passes.

“If any part of the foot hits out of bounds during the normal process of taking a step then the foot is out of bounds,” Blandino said. “In both of these situations, they were not taking a normal step.”

“If there is a drag or delay, like there was in both of these situations, if any part of the foot hits inbounds first then that would put that foot inbounds.”

This is not quite the same play or dynamic, but there was a touch of “Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett in the 2019 Rams game” to this touchdown. The NFL not only had Bobo’s catch as the best play of Week 7, Next Gen Stats says this is the most improbable touchdown of the entire season.

You love to see it. I’ve been waiting almost 20 years for another Joe Jurevicius type of receiver in this offense again, and Bobo’s training camp and preseason play has translated into some hugely important regular season moments.