2023 Performance vs Average and Strength of Schedule

The Seahawks are 4-2 and just a half game back in the NFC West. Yeah, they verywell could be 5-1 and leading the NFC West but they are knocking on the door. The defense is performing well after a rough start. Things seem to be on the upswing from last year and they are putting some of their injuries behind them. The team is doing pretty well.

Will it last? They have another great opportunity for a win this Sunday against the Browns. A possible 5-2 start through the first eight weeks of season. Nice, however the sailing is not looking so smooth over the rest of the season. Offense is struggling. They can't seem to score TDs in the second half of games or in the red-zone and the third down conversion rate is slipping. Defense is having to play out of its mind to keep things from collapsing. That's not all.

According to the website Power Rankings Guru, the Seahawks have had the 4th easiest strength of schedule (28th toughest) in the games played so far. Yes, the Seahawks have been feeding in the garden of plenty. The climate is about to change and wins will be harder to feast on. They will have the 3rd hardest schedule in the NFL the rest of the way. OUCH. That begs the question, can they win enough to hold onto a playoff spot?

Without some offense, the defense won't be able to hold onto winning the games. That is key. The offense needs to reverse it's downward trend and support the defense. The defense will have to prove recent play is not a mirage. The easy stuff is almost over.

The Graph

How the season has looked, to this point, when comparing how the offense (red) and defense (blue) have performed verses their opponent's averages (the zero line). Actually, points scored and points allowed.

Some other info on the graph is, actual game scores by each team, average lines for offense and defense and four game trend lines (faint). See below for a full guide.


User Guide

The zero line represents the opponent's season average points scored and allowed. The y-axis is also used to show Seahawk's actual game results for points scored and allowed.

Lines & Points

Note: These are team points and averages. They represent team results. They are not strictly offense and defense, although most of the points scored are by the offense and most of the points allowed are by the defense.

Green - Points scored (the green line across the graph is the average)

Yellow - Points allowed (the yellow line across the graph is the average)

Red - Points scored vs opponent's points allowed season average

Blue - Points allowed vs opponent's points scored season average

Thin Red and Blue wavy lines - Moving 4-week Average (MA)

Since there are so few games, the MA lines are just a visual confirmation of what you see with the actual game results. The other types of trend lines give exaggerated results with so few data points (linear, power, logarithmic, etc.).

The usual disclaimer applies. The graph does not adjust for any short-term circumstances that affect performance such as:

- Injury/Sickness/COVID

- Home/Away

- 3 or 5 game trends

- Weather

- Any other thing that can influence the performance.