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‘Never a doubt’ - Seahawks fans react to roller coaster ride of a win over the Browns

What a game. What. A. Game.

Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

A win is a win, and what a win that ended up being. The Seattle Seahawks stayed at home for the second consecutive week, this time playing host to the traveling Cleveland Browns. After an initial onslaught that made it look like the offense and defense were about to have a field day against the PJ Walker-led visitors, the Browns came roaring back, scoring a bevy of unanswered points on a defense that looked night-and-day different than the brick wall that showed up in the first few series. Then a major offensive slump — combined with an increasingly gassed defense — led to a stretch where things looked grim; but a timely turnover by Julian Love and a beautiful drive from the offense late in the fourth quarter and the Seahawks got to leave with the W. Meanwhile, the rival San Francisco 49ers got hammered by the Cincinnati Bengals (who are now 4-0 against the NFC West and 0-3 otherwise...), and they have now lost three straight. You know what that means...

But first of all, Dayna says exactly what we were all thinking, which can be represented visually in the graphic that follows:

Geno Smith has had his ups and downs lately, but that game winning drive showed how smooth he can operate when everything is clicking.

Could it be??!!??

Of course, a lot of people were just excited to see the Seahawks reclaim their rightful throne atop the NFC West.

Turns out Jamal Adams plays Futbol as well.

I suppose you could say fans were happy to see the rest of the division faltering, particularly the loathsome LA Rams who are 3-5 after the Dallas Cowboys put the hammer down. Even some Niners folks joined in to share their feelings on the state of their own team.

Of course, we need to acknowledge that this team has some serious inconsistencies that they need to correct if they want to reach the next level, and a lot of it could start with the playcalling.

Now they head eastward to take on the Baltimore Ravens!