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Geno Smith almost seriously injured on MNF vs. Giants

Pete Carroll was pretty upset with the play.

Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Backup quarterback Drew Lock joined the festivities on Monday Night, leading a touchdown drive over the New York Giants while Geno Smith sat out the final minutes of the first half.

Turns out, the Seattle Seahawks weren’t all that far from needing Lock to finish the entire game.

The tackle that knocked Smith out, about halfway through the second quarter, took him out of bounds and did some damage to his right knee. It’s the play that got Smith penalized quite a while later as he continued to voice his frustration towards the Giants in what was an unexpectedly heated, physical, chippy contest.

Isaiah Simmons made the tackle and threw his body weight towards the ground and Geno’s legs after bringing him out of bounds.

Tuesday morning, coach Pete Carroll admitted that the play was quite close to being catastrophic for Smith. They’re holding their breath at the moment that it doesn’t worsen, but hopes are he’s going to be alright.

Carroll continued to expand on that thought, adding some thoughts on how he wants that type of play out of the game, caring about the safety of his players far more than whether it should have been a penalty or not.

In Smith’s absence, Lock went 2/6 and had Noah Fant pick up 51 of his 63 yards by tightroping down the right sideline for an awesome play.

But Smith was able to return, and now with a bye week we’ll hope for his knee to fully recover, as well as an offensive lineman or two, and see what this already potent offense can do with a little bit more health behind it when they play the Cincinnati Bengals in two weeks.