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NFL NextGen Stats shows just how fast Riq Woolen and Devon Witherspoon are

If Seattle’s corners get their hands on the ball, you ain’t gonna catch them.

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The biggest story in Monday’s beat down of the New York Giants was either the 11 sacks that the Seattle Seahawks recorded or the coming out party that Devon Witherspoon held in the world’s largest media market.

Given that Witherspoon was responsible for 2 of Seattle’s 11 sacks, I’m going to go with the second option and say that Witherspoon was THE STORY.

But there’s an interesting sub-story that is being overlooked: Seattle’s secondary, specifically their starting corners, are F-A-S-T.

From the NFL Rookie Watch account on Twitter X:

Clicking on the “Show more” gives you the exciting tidbit that Witherspoon recorded the fastest sack of the night at 2.6 seconds.

Let’s focus on the speed we saw on the pick-6 though.

20.25 miles per hour is fast.

But . . .

It wasn’t the fast speed on the field Monday night.

In fact, it wasn’t even the fastest speed on Witherspoon’s 97-yard pick-6.

From the News Tribune’s Gregg Bell:

You read that right.

Tariq Woolen’s top speed (22.25mph) was 2 full miles per hour faster than Devon Witherspoon’s top speed of 20.25mph.

Those were our starting outside cornerbacks on Monday night.

Granted, Witherspoon moved to the slot after Jamal Adams got hurt, and was in the slot on the play that yielded his pick-6.

And, if the Seahawks are smart, Witherspoon will probably stay in the slot the rest of the season (because he’s a holy terror from that position).

But still . . .

Those were our starting corners on Monday night!


So that we can all enjoy it (again), here’s the play that gave us those speeds:

On a side note, No. 20 (Julian Love) was also burning on that play.


For some perspective on the speed Seattle’s cornerbacks showed on the pick-6:

And . . .

  • The fastest recorded NFL game speed of all-time belongs to WR Tyreek Hill at 23.24 miles per hour (achieved during his rookie season).

Bottom line: If either Woolen or Witherspoon get their hands on the football and have green grass (or artificial turf) in front of them, THEY’RE GONE! There just ain’t very many players in the league that can catch them.

Also lost in the excitement of Monday night’s outstanding defensive performance . . .

Witherspoon’s pick-6 was the 2nd-longest in Seahawks history.

The future sure looks bright in Seattle.

Especially after a big win.

Go Hawks!