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Report: League will not discipline Jamal Adams for sideline outburst

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

On Monday the Seattle Seahawks finally had the opportunity to see strong safety Jamal Adams in game action, returning to the field for the first time since suffering a torn quadriceps tendon in the season opening win over the Denver Broncos in 2022. Unfortunately, Adams’ appearance against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football was even briefer than his appearance against the Broncos in 2022, leaving the game in the first quarter after taking a Daniel Jones knee to the head.

A visibly wobbly Adams was helped to the sideline and into the blue medical tent, where he was evaluated for a concussion. What followed when Adams emerged from the blue tent was an outburst directed at the independent neurological specialist that drew the attention of television cameras and the league, and leading to reports that Adams could face discipline from the league. However, according to a report from NFL insider Adam Schefter Friday afternoon, the league has opted not to discipline Adams.

This is the outcome many had hoped to see come about, as the anger and aggressiveness displayed by Adams are not uncommon following a head injury.

And now it’s on to enjoying the bye in Week 5.