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Field Gulls Mailbag: Which position group could be the Seahawks’ greatest strength?

Answering Seahawks-related questions during the bye weekend!

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is here, and there’s no Seattle Seahawks football to watch. Now’s as good a time as any to bring back the Field Gulls Mailbag for a special bye week edition.

I asked for some questions in this post a couple of days ago, and I responded to 10 of those in today’s video. You had a lot of thoughts about the defense, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, the upcoming schedule, and plenty more concerning Seahawks football!

Hopefully this recording quality is improved from the last time. I’m in a different room (aka “I moved.”) and the lighting from the ceiling fan shouldn’t be too much of a deterrent.

Each question will be timestamped, so if you want to skip to a specific question then go right ahead!

burleson18 (0:43)

Who are the Seahawks bringing in to kick the tires during the bye?
Randy Gregory? Akiem Hicks?

Gabriel de Sousa (3:14)

Gabriel de Sousa
Is the defense really getting better or the bad play of Daniel Jones and the Giants offense gave us false hopes

snper (9:30)

A common narrative out there is that JSN isn't getting deep targets because our Oline is banged up. Is that actually supported by data? Has offensive play calling (in general, and JSN usage specifically) substantially changed between week1 vs week 2~4?

AestheticsInMotion (15:30)

By the end of the season, what position group do you think will be the Hawks' greatest strength?

drjacko (19:18)

In your history of Enemy Reactions, would you please put out your personal top 5-10 screenshots that made you laugh out loud, lose your shit etc...
Since its anniversary year and all!

OrrinGoHawksDoyle (21:42)

How crazy is it to imagine the Seahawks going into their first matchup with the 9ers with a 9-1 record (assuming luck is on our side with respect to getting injured players back). And assuming a fully healthy roster, how much have we closed the talent gap between the playoff loss to the 9ers and now?

neopangaea (26:41)

With Big Al Woods gone to the Jets, which Hawk has the prettiest eyes?

Jazzaloha (27:52)

How is Cam Young doing?

Blaze57 (29:44)

Looking forward to Adams, Witherspoon, and Woolen on the field at the same time, is this the LOB all over again. Witherspoon and Adams absolutely hit hard, they are all smart and fast. Seems like a sleeping giant the NFL might be overlooking?

Baldwinsghost (33:15)

Is this closer to a 2012 or 2013 in your book?
Or is it just a 2008 or 2009 in disguise?

To appease both fans of written work and video work, if we do two Q&As per month (in-season) then one will be a video, the other will be typed up. I think that strikes a happy balance, and that way no one has to actually hear or see me be a stream of consciousness when I actually formulate my responses.

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