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Video: Cleveland sports talk show host unconvinced Bobby Wagner is worthy of Hall of Fame

That was awkward.

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Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Well here’s a new one.

A co-host for the Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show was responding to the Browns’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks, when the conversation turned towards the Seattle defenses of old. One of the hosts, known as “Adam the Bull,” began the segment convinced that Bobby Wagner was not Hall of Fame worthy.

Until they read him Wagner’s stats.

It’s almost too dumb to post, but here’s the clip in question.

They played the clip on air on 710 Sports Wednesday morning during the KJ Wright show. Wright’s response, along with Mike Salk and Brock Huard, is available at the 22nd minute of Wednesday’s podcast.

A case could be made for the questionability of, say Kam Chancellor, who might be the best to ever play strong safety but only did it for eight seasons.

But for the duration of his career, the only linebacker who could get put in the same sentence as Bobby Wagner was Carolina’s Luke Kuechly, whose career is now four years shorter than Wagner.

On air, the Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show team (which includes former Seahawk Tyvis Powell) read off Wagner’s stats, including eight Pro Bowls and six First-Team All-Pro.

That...seemed to do it for ADam.

As well it should:

I don’t know if they were just doing this for attention - and if they were, congratulations.

But from our perspective, it just makes no sense that he’s still doing it at this level, after every other member of the famed and beloved defense has retired.

In particular, Clint Hurtt and the team have rightly understood that Wagner may not have the wheels to play elite coverage, but they’re prioritizing his savvy and ability to stop the run, and man is it working.

Bobby Wagner’s 12-year career won’t result in conversations about whether he is Hall of Fame worthy, but whether he was one of the two or three best to ever play the position.

He’s already well ahead of pace to have more tackles than last season with the Rams, and is on pace for another 150+ tackle season, his fourth such campaign.

Simply surreal that he’s this good still and was able to come back to the team at a time of relevancy.