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Seahawks matchup against Commanders carries significant playoff implications

Despite the ugly loss to the Ravens in Week 9, the Seahawks have a very good shot to make the postseason in a weak NFC.

Washington Redskins v Seattle Seahawk Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

When the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Commanders take to the field in Week 10 at Lumen Field, the Hawks will be looking to wash the taste of the 37-3 drubbing at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens out of their mouth. More importantly, both Seattle and Washington will be looking to grab a win that could prove crucial in tie breaking scenarios in the Wild Card race later in the season.

With that in mind, both teams face rough second half schedules that include facing the strongest teams in both the NFC West and the NFC East, so grabbing a leg up on another Wild Card competitor could prove crucial. Even if the Seahawks lose a second straight game, however, they would still make the playoffs about half the time, though they could take a very large step towards making the postseason by defeating the Commanders Sunday.

For those unfamiliar with playoff leverage charts such as this one, the number on the left side of the bar for a team is the probability they make the playoffs with a loss in the current week, while the number on the right is the probability they make the playoffs with a win in the current week. So, for Seattle a loss in Week 10 translates to making the playoffs just over half the time, while a win doesn’t just move the team to 6-3, it puts them in a very good position to make the postseason.

On the other side of the field, Washington is obviously on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs right now, but a win over the Seahawks would increase their chances of making the postseason significantly.

So, it’s a big game Sunday, and with any luck it won’t be like the last time Washington visited Seattle in early November after the Hawks had spent a second round pick to add an impact player in the trenches at the trade deadline.