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8 intriguing statistics from Seahawks win over Commanders

Defensive line, Offensive line, and Boye Mafe who may never stop.

Washington Commanders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Another week, another opportunity for the most fun math can provide. The Seattle Seahawks squeaked out a win over the Washington Commanders 29-26 to retain a share of the lead in the NFC West.

But who cares about all that stuff? This is the story of the game, told through the numbers that stand out the most.


That’s right - Boye Mafe has been a part of this column since it began, and he may never leave. Seven glorious weeks in a row with a sack, and they’re not random - it’s the result of just really good games and consistent pressure all season. Mafe’s super fun and has earned top spot on the number article.

7 again

Seattle had 47 pass attempts to 25 called run plays. Only seven times in the entire game did Shane Waldron call up consecutive runs. I primarily bring this up to say that if you listen to the in-game and pre-game coverage, they still talk about Pete Carroll as a run-first, defensive mind. I think they’re misguided about the run portion especially. You don’t “establish the run” by doing this:


The Seahawks allowed pressure on only 21% of Geno Smith’s dropbacks this game, which was the lowest total of the season. In fact, Smith is the most pressured QB this year at 39% so they beat that mark significantly.


Geno Smith’s 369 passing yards is the most he’s ever thrown in his entire NFL career. It may be in part due to the previous statistic.


That’s consecutive kicks made by Jason Myers, which you probably didn’t know because he hasn’t missed a kick since Week 4. Sunday marked the second time Myers has gone 5-for-5 this season, which is super cool for fantasy owners and he’s quietly worked his way back to the fifth-most field goals made this season.

0.5 sack, 1 QB hit, 1 sack, 1 QB hit, 0.5 sack, 2 QB hit

Those are the numbers for Bobby Wagner, Dre’Mont Jones, and Leonard Williams. None of them was on the roster last season, and have been big additions on or near the line of scrimmage. Wagner struggled in coverage against the Commanders, but it’s clear these guys have made a real difference in the pass rush and run defense, a must following the loss of Uchenna Nwosu.


That’s the yards allowed to RB Brian Robinson, almost entirely through the air. This is not good and it would be beneficial for Seattle to figure out a solution that doesn’t involve these linebackers getting blistered out there.


Last, and absolutely not least, 258 Yards AFTER Catch. That’s the second-most in a game by any NFL offense this season. That number is (1) insanely hard to believe for this team and (2) why I do not believe Geno Smith had as good a game as many believe. But that’s for another time.

The Hawks head out to Los Angeles to play the Rams next week.