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Geno Smith nominated for Air Player of the Week after late heroics vs. Commanders

This didn’t look like a particularly likely nomination in the 1st half against the Commanders!

Washington Commanders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

When Geno Smith took an ill-advised intentional grounding penalty (to avoid an ill-advised sack) at the end of the 1st half against the Washington Commanders, it looked like one of the low points of Smith’s season and the Seattle Seahawks’ offense. The 2nd half started and Geno took his only sack of the day, resulting in boos from the Lumen Field fans. Afterward? A whole lot of success.

Smith was 16/20 for 217 yards and 2 touchdowns after halftime, leading Seattle to 20 points on the team’s final five possessions, including a go-ahead touchdown to Tyler Lockett and a game-winning field goal drive with just :52 left in regulation. A switch got flipped and Geno put up arguably his best football since the Week 2 win over the Detroit Lions.

With a career-high 369 yards passing, another game-winning drive, and a turnover-free day, Smith has been nominated for Air Player of the Week alongside Dak Prescott and Jared Goff.

On merit, Geno probably shouldn’t win this. Goff threw for 336 and 2 touchdowns and led a wild 41-38 road win over the Los Angeles Chargers, while Dak Prescott had a nearly perfect QBR by throwing for 404 and 4 touchdowns against whatever is left of the New York Giants. Dak had the best stats but played the worst team, whereas Goff mirrored Geno by having to lead a go-ahead 4th quarter drive twice due to defensive breakdowns, but the Lions offense racked up 533 yards of total offense and only punted once. I think Goff should get the nod, especially considering the Lions defense ended the game allowing five consecutive touchdown drives.

C.J. Stroud was an arguable snub but I suspect his three turnovers may have played a role in not getting another nomination. Otherwise he was magnificent against a tough Cincinnati Bengals defense.

But hey, Geno’s a nominee, which sure as hell didn’t look likely for about 2.5 quarters. If you want to vote, this is your chance to get Geno another Player of the Week award!