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Field Gulls Mailbag: Send in your Seahawks mid-season questions!

Nine down, eight to go! What are your questions about the Seahawks at the midway point of the season?

Washington Commanders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

After intense research, I’ve concluded that the Seattle Seahawks are 6-3 and in reasonably strong position to make it to the playoffs again. For some reason, it doesn’t feel that way; perhaps it’s the -1 point differential, or the inconsistencies on offense and defense, or heightened expectations because the 2022 squad wasn’t supposed to be any good. And yet, here we are with the Seahawks comfortably above .500 even if most of their wins haven’t been comfortable at all.

We haven’t done a mailbag in a bit and that’s my fault, but we’re doing one now. Send in your questions in the comments section below about all things Seahawks. I’ll pick out a handful of ones and answer them in written form this week as opposed to a video. but I will have a separate video soon about my thoughts on the team at this juncture of the season.

If you have multiple questions, PLEASE put those questions in separate comments. Do not write 5-6 in one comment, because I will be embedding your comments in the response post.