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Watch: Russell Wilson pulls off even more improbable touchdown than Tyler Lockett play from 2019

Courtland Sutton is right up there with Tyler Lockett for toe-drag swag.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Russ Magic didn’t disappear completely.

For once, we’ve got a prime-time game involving the Denver Broncos where Russell Wilson isn’t treated as a national punchline. Against the favored Buffalo Bills, the Broncos had 4th-and-2 inside Buffalo’s 7-yard line with a 3-0 lead. Sean Payton had his kicking unit out for a fake fake field goal, but the Bills didn’t buy the attempt to jump offside. Payton then put Wilson and the Broncos offense back out there to go for the touchdown.

The play looked toast when Shaq Lawson didn’t bite on the play-fake and was in Wilson’s face. We’ve seen the Wilson pirouette many times before, but his throw to the end zone was ruled incomplete despite Courtland Sutton making a remarkable catch. Officials ruled that Sutton was out of bounds and the Bills would survive... EXCEPT!

Watch the whole play and marvel at some Wilson magic without thinking about a first-round pick being on the line.

According to Next Gen Stats, this is the most improbable touchdown in the history of the tracking service.

Anyone know what the previous one was? Same corner of the end zone, same quarterback, different receiver. Russ to Lockett against the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 season.

Coincidentally, Bills safety Taylor Rapp was part of that Rams roster, so he’s had a first-person view on both of these improbable but incredible touchdowns.

In a touching tribute to many recent Seattle Seahawks defenses, the Broncos immediately gave up a touchdown after this terrific Wilson play.