Overseas gameday viewing, etc.

I was able to spend several months at my hideaway in Central WA this year. I wasn't able to make it to any live football games but I did appreciate the Seahawk games starting at a decent hour. I'm back in Japan now and plan to watch the Rams game when it comes on here at around 5:30am. If you can somehow watch the game on FEN then great. Sports streaming is another angle although it's technically illegal (streameast does not work in Asia anymore). Many fans, including myself, will watch the game via GamePass, which is now controlled by DAZN, a European sports streaming outfit. I guess the NFL didn't like the hassles that came with running GamePass inhouse and decided to contract the service out. I have the App and hope I don't end up with soccer or cricket instead tomorrow.

If Shohei Ohtani was a football player in the NFC West I guarantee that NHK would broadcast the entire division weekly. Because he is not, viewers in Japan (and presumably elsewhere) need to fork over the cash for GamePass. One last possibility is that a friendly bar somewhere will open up at this hour with a satellite feed. If anyone has any news to share or even a recommendation please do so....wherever you are.