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Updated Seahawks practice squad roster following Cody Thompson signing

A refresher on where things stand with the Seahawks’ practice squad.

NFL: OCT 15 Seahawks at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As expected, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Cody Thompson cleared waivers after he was removed from the active roster on Tuesday. When the unrelated SaRodorick Thompson Jr was let go from the practice squad, it was only logical to assume that Cody would get SaRodorick’s spot.

Well... that’s what happened. Cody’s back on the practice squad, where he’s been more often than not for a few years now. This is not really news in itself, so we might as well use this time to reset and update everyone on what the Seahawks practice squad looks like at the moment. It will change almost every week... I guarantee it.

Seahawks’ 16-man practice squad (as of Nov. 2)

RB Bryant Koback

WR Cade Johnson

WR Cody Thompson

WR Easop Winston Jr

WR Tyjon Lindsey

TE Tyler Mabry

G Ben Brown

OL Jason Peters

C Joey Hunt

NT Matt Gotel

OLB Levi Bell

OLB Tyreke Smith

LB Patrick O’Connell

CB Lance Boykin

S Ty Okada

S Jonathan Sutherland