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Leonard Williams says trade from Giants to Seahawks was done in ‘respectful way’

Classy move by the Giants led to the Defensive Lineman landing with some former teammates.

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

A cool story emerged this week in regards to the Seattle Seahawks’ deal with the New York Giants for DT Leonard Williams.

In his first press conference with the Seattle Media, Williams admitted that Giants GM Joe Schoen engaged in the negotiations while remaining in conversation with Williams.

“The way it was proposed to me through [Giants GM Joe Schoen] and with my agents was a respectful way I think,” Williams said. “I’ve been traded before and it was very abruptly and I kind of had no say or anything like that.”

Last week saw a flurry both of guys that want to be traded but weren’t, and guys who were surprisingly part of a fire sale.

In contrast, Schoen was very forthright with Williams, admitting there was some good interest from a few contenders, and even admitting that he valued the handful of connections Williams has with some of the Seahawks folks.

This is objectively a kind thing to do, and I have no idea if the Giants are ever going to be relevant anytime soon, but it gives the impression that organizationally they might not be among the bottom-feeder franchises of the NFL.

It was clearly meaningful to Williams to be given knowledge and even some say in the matter, and mark this down as yet another in the ever-growing list of athletes that have been grateful to find their way to Seattle.

We should expect to see the new formidable lineman play right away against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.