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Rams 17, Seahawks 16: The story told through 7 statistics

The Seahawks are a new NFL leader, and other revelations.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

Since re-starting this column, the Seattle Seahawks have gone 2-2 and looked wildly incompetent much of the time, so perhaps this was a terrible idea.

But if Pete Carroll won’t quit, neither will I!

Here’s the storyline from the Week 11 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, told by the numbers.


That’s the yards lost from penalties, the most by any team this season. It’s not a good thing to be very good at.


That’s the Passer Rating for one Drew Lock, quarterback of the Seahawks for six passing attempts. Not the QBR, the smaller number, the Passer Rating - the one that goes up over 100 and stuff. 2.8.


That’s the total yards for Noah Fant in the previous three games combined. What was once the best YAC threat on this roster has completely disappeared from the game plan.


That’s the yards per carry for Zach Charbonnet as the lead runner, which may be his new role for the remainder of the season. He looked far more downhill explosive at times, but you can see how hard it is to maintain that over the course of a game.


That’s the solo tackles from Jordyn Brooks. I checked, that’s the lowest of his career.


That’s the number of days since Jason Myers missed his last kick. It dropped his percentage a tiny bit, which is still recovering from the first two weeks, but Myers actually has the second most amount of FG made this season. What awful, timing to become human again.


And finally, because there’s not much else on defense to report, Bobby Wagner doing only Bobby Wagner type numbers.

Seattle gets to host the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving, and hopefully we’ll be reporting super fun numbers like 4 rushing touchdowns or 120 passer rating and not like 31 points given up in the second half.

Go Hawks.