Brutal Seahawks losses since Testaverde

So guys I'm sick about yesterday. It's been hard to work, to be honest. I made a comment that it was the worst loss I can remember feeling since game 17 against the 49ers that cost us the division and a home playoff game. But it also made me think of other losses since I've been a fan, beginning in 1989. Now, Mark Tye Turner wrote a great book buf off the top of my head, since the Seahawks have actually been good the past 20+ years, which games am I missing? In chronolocial order (also, how would some of you rank these:) Also, I'm not counting games in years where the Seahawks were shitty, not blowouts like LA Rams vs Seahawks in 2017, nor games that didn't cost us the playoffs, like Cardinals at Seahawks in 2017 when a win wouldn't have gotten us in anyway.

2001--Kerry Collins 96 yard drive w no time left--Giants beat us. No playoffs

2003--Seahawks at Ravens. Blown 17 point lead with 7 minutes remaining.

2003--Seahawks at Packers (playoffs). Playoffs "we want the ball and we're going to score"

2004--Rams at Seahawks. Blown 17 point lead less than 6 to play.

2004--Cowboys at Seahawks--blown 10 point lead less than two minutes to play

2004--Rams at Seahawks (playoffs). Bobby Engram drop on last play

I'm leaving out Seahawks at Redskins 2005 and Chargers at Seahawks 2006 since while crushing didn't really affect standings.

2006 Seahawks at Bears (playoffs). Chance to win. 3 and out in overtime. Easy Saints team the next week for 2nd straight super bowl

2007 Seahawks at Browns--4th down stop on bad spot. Cost us #2 seed.

2012 at Detroit--bullshit penalty on Earl Thomas cost us game and bye.

2012 Seahawks at Falcons (playoffs). Blown lead end of game two soft defenses

2014 Super Bowl. Something about we should have passed.

2016 Cardinals at Seahawks. Haushka missed extra point then the Seahawks can't force overtime firedrill field goal costs us bye

not including playoffs vs Cowboys in 2018. sucked but was more coaching than bad luck or anything fluky

2019 49ers at Seahawks--one inch from division title. Ridiculous delay of game. Was Beast not ready to come in?

2020 Seahawks at Cardinals. Metcalf game winner goes away lousy holding call. The end of Russ cooking.

2021 Rams at Seahawks--Russell's injury ruins a season.

2023 Seahawks at Rams--yesterday. complete fuckery with penalties, a botched spike play, a missed field goal, and the end of momentum.

These were all from my head. My head remembers weird shit!