How the Seahawks can win the draft in 2024

It’s never too early to start scouting and talking about team building.

I’ve put together a list of the positions I believe are positions of need and interest for Seattle.

Those positions are DT, Edge, S, G/IOL, QB, TE

DT: As we all know Seattle has been getting killed up the gut of the defense by teams in the running game, and sometimes we struggle to get penetration from the middle during passing downs. Adding another young prospect here alongside Jarren Reed and Leonard Big Cat Williams would definitely benefit Seattle moving forward.

Edge/DE: Although Boye Mafe has emerged as a star setting the Seahawk's season record for consecutive games with a sack, drafting Derek Hall be Frank Clark coming back we still have a need at this position. If there’s one thing teams like the Ravens, Eagles, and 49ers have shown us is that you can never have enough edge rushers. We need depth at the position and still need a capable rusher opposite Mafe.

Safety: Seattle is near the top if not at the top of team spending $$ at the safety position. With Quandre Diggs 3y/$39M, Jamal Adams 4y/$70M, and Julian Love 2Y/ $12M. With Jamal Adams's Injury history and large price tag, Seattle may be looking to get away from him. Adams is a game-changer when healthy but has his limitations and hasn’t been 100% the same player he was before, Adams has missed quite a few tackles this season. Not sure if he is afraid of getting injured again or he just doesn’t trust that his body is fully healed from the last injury. Seattle can get younger and cheaper the position.

Guard/IOL: Due to a slew of injuries our offensive line has continued to be well, offensive. The area of most concern is the interior of the line at the Guard positions. Evan Brown has been a bright spot at the Center position and last Draft we brought in Oluwatimi from Michigan. Seattle has made moves in the past to try and Shore up the Guard position but, it just hasn’t worked although, Anthony Bradford has played amicably we still have a need at this position, and if we can draft another rookie to shed a contract and sure up the offensive line it will surely provide benefits for our team.

QB: Geno Smith is 33 years old, coming off the best season of his career, and now into a season that’s been up and down so far. It’s time for Seattle to start thinking about the future of the position, and life after Geno. Drew Lock is on the roster but is an FA after this season, Lock might draw interest from other teams looking to give him a shot at the starter position or looking to upgrade their backup Quarterback position. With this draft looking to potentially be the best Quarterback draft in a while Seattle has options to lead the next generation of Seahawks.

We currently have 3 very capable TEs on the roster, Noah Fant is a star, and Parkinson is coming along great but is in a contract year, With Will Dissly’s injury history and him being signed through next season, this is another position the hawks might be looking to cut some money. Parkinson might be too expensive to resign.

My Best players at the positions plus those I believe will best fit Seattle’s scheme. Going forward I’ll identify Sleepers but this is just to start.

**My list will update and change as more information becomes available after players declare for the draft*


  1. Leonard Taylor lll, MIAMI DT, "6’3, 305 LBS.
  2. Jer’Zhan "Johnny" Newton, Illinois DT, "6’2, 298 LBS
  3. Masson Smith, LSU DT, "6’6, 315 LBs
  4. Kris Jenkins Jr, Michigan DT, "6’4, 305 LBS
  5. Dontay Corleone, Cincinnati DT, "6’2", 318 LBS
  6. Tyleik Williams, Ohio State DT, "6’2, 290 LBS

Edge/ DE:

  1. Jared Verse, Florida State DE, "6’4, 260 LBS
  2. Laiatu Latu, UCLA DE, "6’6, 265 LBS
  3. Chop Robinson, Penn State DE, "6’3, 254 LBS
  4. Dallas Turner, Alabama DE, "6’4, 242 LBS
  5. Bralen Trice, Washington DE, "6’4, 274 LBS
  6. J.T Tuimoloau, Ohio State DE, "6’4, 270 LBS


  1. Calen Bullock, USC S, "6’3, 190 LBS
  2. Kamren Kinchens, Miami S, "6’0, 205 LBS
  3. Rod More, Michigan S, "6’0, 200 LBS
  4. Tyler Nubin, Minnesota S, "6’2, 210
  5. Andrew Mukuba, Clemson S, "6’0, 195 LBS
  6. Jalen Catalon, Arkansas S, "5’11, 202LBS

Guard/ IOL:

  1. Zach Zinter, Michigan G, "6’6, 322 LBS
  2. Tate Rattledge, Georgia G, "6’6, 310 LBS
  3. Christian Haynes, UCONN G, "6’2, 313 LBS
  4. Christian Mahogany, Boston College G, "6’3, 322
  5. Donovan Jackson, Ohio State G, "6’4, 320 LBS
  6. Zach Frazier, LSU G, "6’4, 310 LBS

QB: This list consists of QBs that Seattle would be in range to draft as we know Caleb and Penix will most likely go top 5 and Maye, Nix, and McCarthy top 10/15

  1. Jayden Daniels, LSU QB, "6’4, 210 LBS
  2. Jordan Travis, Florida State QB, "6’2, 212 LBS ( Injured)
  3. Tyler Van Dyke, Miami QB, "6’4, 230 LBS
  4. Quinn Ewers, Texas QB, "6’2, 196 LBS
  5. Michael Pratt, Tulane QB, "6’3, 220 LBS
  6. Taulia Tagovailoa, Maryland QB, "6’0, 200 LBS
  7. Spencer Rattler, South Carolina QB, "6’1, 217 LBS


  1. Brock Bowers, Georgia TE, "6’4, 240 LBS
  2. Cade Stover, Ohio State TE, "6’4, 251 LBS
  3. Ja’Tavion Sanders, Texas TE, "6’4, 243 LBS
  4. Jaheim Bell, Florida State TE, "6’3, 239 LBS
  5. Brevyn Spann-Ford, Minnesota TE, "6’7, 270
  6. Luke Lachey, Iowa TE, "6’6, 253 LBS
By Adrian Williams and Rcchard Antony