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Seahawks-49ers final injury report: Jamal Adams in, Abe Lucas and Ken Walker out

Geno Smith remains questionable, but Walker is doubtful... neither of which sound overwhelmingly encouraging.

Washington Commanders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

We are one day and a few hours away from a big divisional game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, and thing are looking mixed on the injury front. To be clear, it isn’t all bad news, but there is at least a little reason for some concern. See the full list below, with a couple addendums following.

Ken Walker is listed in the ‘doubtful’ column, but Pete Carroll clarified that he is not expected to play, so consider him out for all intents and purposes.

Also rounding out the players who will not be returning, Abe Lucas is going to sit this one out. He hasn’t played since Week 1, but the team did activate him this week, meaning they expect him back at least some time soon. Just not this week. The team did sign Jake Curhan to the practice squad, and Jason Peters is expected to get the start.

Now the good (or at least tentatively good) news. As you may have noticed, Jamal Adams is nowhere to be seen on the report. This is, in fact, a great sign since it effectively means he will be a full go for the game after missing the LA Rams game. Geno Smith being ‘questionable’ is still concerning to me even though they were fairly quick to say he would play this week. I will be paying close attention to whether (and to what extent) the injury impacts the playcalling, and how warm Drew Lock is staying on the sidelines... hopefully Geno lights it up on the field and Lock stays colder than morning-after mashed potatoes, but we shall see.