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‘Fire our OC please’ - An offense so offensive that all of Seahawks Twitter is offended

And can you blame us?!

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Any number of words could be used to describe that game, but I think just one will suffice: heck-hole. I’m not even going to stuff thanksgiving puns into this turkey of a game, because no amount of verbal gravy can disguise the fact that this team snapped like a desiccated wishbone on Friday morning. Apologies, but that sentence was far better constructed than the Seattle Seahawks entire offensive gameplan, and that sentence was terrible. And as shocking as this may sound, apparently I am not the only football fan who is currently thankful for very little... most of Seahawks Twitter is right here with me! As you may be entirely unsurprised to find out, very few people had kind things to say about the Seattle Seahawks at large, but particularly with regard to offensive coordinator Shane Waldron.

Note, things you will not see in this article: JSN’s catch, the pick-6, anything positive.

The highlight of the game for the offense...