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Seahawks had Noah Fant block Nick Bosa on 4th-and-1 run, with predictable results

This has to be a practical joke.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Trailing 31-13 with only a few minutes remaining, Zach Charbonnet’s failed 4th down conversion is an inconsequential play in terms of any realistic chance of a Seattle Seahawks victory. It does, however, sum up my personal frustration with offensive coordinator Shane Waldron and his unit.

After a failed 3rd-and-1 sneak with Geno Smith, the Seahawks lined up to go for it on 4th down instead of kick a field goal to make it 31-16. Genuinely sensible when you consider they need at least two touchdowns anyway.

Then the Seahawks lined up in shotgun formation.

Uh oh. Now in fairness, Seattle did this against the Washington Commanders and converted on a Zach Charbonnet run. The Commanders just fired their defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio because they have an awful defense, but that’s neither here nor there.

Again, the Seahawks handed it to Charbonnet. He lost two yards and Seattle never got the ball back.

Now why did that happen?

Maybe because Noah Fant was entrusted to take care of some ho-hum edge rusher named Nick Bosa. Pete Carroll explains the long-developing shotgun play that had zero chance of working out.

We should also shoutout running this play not just to where Fant was blocking Bosa 1-on-1, but where Tyler Lockett had to deal with Deommodore Lenoir in a 1-on-1 situation, which is unfortunate because Lockett has been barely practicing due to a hamstring injury.

Fred Warner also easily shed his block and filled the gap, so this play was dead on arrival but at least Charbonnet had a chance with one tackler, as opposed to two of the NFL’s best defenders in his face.

So in summation:

  • Seahawks go shotgun, 11 personnel needing just 1 yard.
  • Put a tight end on Nick Bosa. Not just any tight end, but the one not known for his blocking.
  • Ran the ball on the side where the tight end is blocking Bosa and their smallest, least healthy receiver is blocking a slot corner.
  • ???
  • Go bankrupt.

By the way, that 4th down conversion with Charbonnet in the Commanders game? Fant was blocking a defensive back, not Nick freaking Bosa.

Absolutely zero feel for personnel and situation is shown on this play.

And so we’ve reached the point where I’m saying it: Fire Shane Waldron.