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‘Sunday Night Football’ open thread: Ravens at Chargers

The end for Brandon Staley?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever noticed how bad the Los Angeles Chargers defense is? One of the most expensive groups in the NFL and they just stink! Defensive mastermind Brandon Staley has put out nothing but mediocre to bad defenses for years, and it might cost him his job.

There’s a lot made about how good Derwin James is. The Chargers have made it a point to build their defense around their versatile safety. What kind of team’s philosophy is so dependent on a safety?!!!

Oh... um... carry on.

Non-zero chance Staley’s entire reputation (outside of his Sean McVay association) was built off of shackling the Let Russ Cook offense in 2020.