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Would the Seahawks ever be in on Kirk Cousins?

Seattle doesn’t have the quarterback of the future, and Cousins just had a career half-season, could they make it work?

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Kirk Cousins hit the 4,000-yard mark in 2015, and has scarcely looked back.

Passing that bar every season save one, Cousins was off to possibly the best season of his career until a torn Achilles ended his 2023 campaign and the Minnesota Vikings traded for Joshua Dobbs.

Unsurprisingly, this calls into question the future of Kirk Cousins, with the cold business of the NFL. However, former Vikings defender Jared Allen outright said it should be a done deal for Cousins in Minnesota. His contract is up, which he feels won’t be renewed.

Acknowledging personal distrust of 99.5% of the rumor accounts like the below, it’s equally unsurprising that considerations are being made for what the Vikings should do this offseason. Josh Dobbs has shown that, if anything, the Minnesota offense is quite close to plug-and-play ready, and there’s a good roster out there.

So - Seattle fans, 35 year old Kirk Cousins had thrown 18 touchdowns to 5 interceptions, and the third-highest passer rating of his career before the injury.

Would you be interested in signing him here?

Unfortunately I think the answer’s a hard no.

Geno Smith’s contract is an easy out after next year. It functions primarily as a two-year contract unless he was gangbusters, which, I mean, so anyway - here’s why this would even be a question at all.

We’ve already covered Smith’s contract and the potential scenarios that would lead to a quick change at quarterback, and check out what Frank T. Raines said just two weeks ago:

Well, I say to you, in answer of FTR’s question which free agent QB gives the Seahawks a better chance at winning games than Geno Smith? Literally only Kirk Cousins.

I don’t think this is likely, but I think it’s more likely since the Seahawks did not end up with a quarterback in last year’s draft.

Two reasons:

1.) Pete Carroll is in a unique position as a coach. Towards the latter half of the rebuild (please O Lord), I’m sure he’s not afraid of staying on as head coach and developing a rookie quarterback. It was always inevitable, right? But if this ends up being an option, for a two-or-three year type deal, why not take the path of one full season without any expectations on the rookie QB? If Seattle was sitting on, say, Anthony Richardson this year, I think the pressure after the Cincinnati Bengals game would have been hot.

2.) By the time Cousins got injured, he had eight games with over 5.8 yards per attempt. Smith had three. His numbers were frankly ridiculous, and I don’t know what’s been the deal with playoff and prime time games, but if you want to talk about a head coach who (1) has proven he knows a thing or two about maximizing quarterbacks, (2) knows a hundred things about winning prime time games, you gotta wonder.

Again, they’d have to cut Smith first, which would mean they’re dead set on signing Cousins, so this is pretty crazy. would be pretty crazy.