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‘Seahawks need to clean house’ - Fans react to Seattle’s devastating loss to Cowboys

Game over, man. Game over.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Let it sink in for a minute. I was going to put some fun tweets in here celebrating how that was a statistically exciting game for a lot of Seattle Seahawks players. But instead, I am just going to say this: this team is playing horrible football when it matters, and they probably won’t win another game this season. Or maybe I am just emotional after seeing yet another game fizzle out due to an offense that seems to be based more on dice rolls and random chance than actual strategy.

So here is a bunch of cathartic rage from people who are feeling it right now, just like you and me. Because we are all in this together; offensive coordinators can get fired, coaches can get fired, teams can get sold, and players can get traded... but fans are stuck with our team whether we like it or not. Get used to rooting from behind... because the odds are no longer in our favor.

Also I really dislike the Dallas Cowboys, so there is that too... but I just hope I wake up tomorrow (or go to sleep tonight) to hear that the team is moving in a different direction with their offense. And while their was a lot of yellow laundry on the field (more on that below), we have to remember that the Seahawks lost this one, and until they stop allowing things like this to happen:

But of course, the playcalling was awful, and people had plenty to say on that, too.

It wouldn’t be a loss without the prerequisite bemoaning of the officiating (no official comment, but it certainly did seem... like a lot of flags).

And then this.