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Devin Bush is in for Jordyn Brooks, probable to return

Jordyn Brooks was seen helmet-less and headed to the locker room, but it may be good news after all

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

Jordyn Brooks briefly left the game with an undisclosed injury Reportedly, he was seen standing on the sideline without his helmet before heading to the locker room shortly thereafter. Fortunately, it sounds like this injury may not be as sever as initial feared, as the Seattle Seahawks team PR account reports he is probably to return with an ankle injury. Michael Shawn-Dugar reports that linebacker Devin Bush is in the game for Jordyn Brooks currently.

Shortly after being seen helmet-less, Brooks headed back to the locker room with team medical staff. He was walking under his own power, so the severity of the injury is unclear at this point. Jordyn Brooks picked up a big sack early in the game, but was not able to make it through the half. He is a big part of the Seattle Seahawks defense, and any potential return will be worth monitoring as they try to slow down the Dallas Cowboys offense. There is still no official designation, so his return will remain up in the air until the team releases an injury update. Stay tuned for further updates as this develops.


The team has announced that Brooks is probable to return with an ankle injury.