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6 harsh numbers from Seahawks’ devastation by the Ravens

The biggest storylines from the Week 9 catastrophe, told by numbers.

NFL: NOV 05 Seahawks at Ravens Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks flew to Baltimore and crash landed in pitiful fashion. It’s a loss that will be mulled upon for days, with all the agony and vitriol it deserves.

Here are numbers that stood out from the Week 9 win over the Baltimore Ravens.


The Ravens beat the Detroit Lions 38-6 and Seattle 37-3, with a throwaway win against the Arizona Cardinals in between. That’s a 66 point differential against what we thought were two top-five teams in the NFC? The point here is the Ravens appear to be really, really good. And they’re wrecking people at home right now. Salvage some hope that the Seahawks have recently lost games to the two best teams in the AFC.

However, that’s about it from a positive standpoint. Here goes.


That’s the difference in running yards gained this game. Baltimore had 298, and Seattle put forth 28 of their own puny yards. That’s like Lamar Jackson falling forward twice.

This has felt like a run game going on the wrong direction for a little while on offense, and Sunday’s disparity was as bad as any NFL team will experience this season. 1.9 yards per carry, and whatever’s going on with the offensive line is as inept as whatever’s going on with the defensive tackling when they get behind.

4, alternatively, 14.4

This is the 4th consecutive game in which Geno Smith has equal or more turnovers than touchdowns. Against good defenses, he’s simply not the guy unless something changes.

Check this out: his total QBR against the Ravens was 14.4. As of this writing, there are three 0.0 QBR games, and they were each a failed trick play or a Deshaun Watson injury. Outside of those, that 14.4 is the worst performance a quarterback has put forth in the 2023 season.

1 of 13

3rd down has been the joke of the NFL this year. Add in the one failed 4th down attempt, and you’ve got a 7.7% conversion rate.

That is not professional caliber. That’s like sometimes the New York Giants accidentally find a way to convert more than that.


That’s games in a row with a sack for Boye Mafe. He’s my favorite player on the team right now and will continue to get a mention until this streak is snapped. He was occasionally the most lost-looking rookie of 2022 and has been easily the best from that class this year.


Tre Brown wears #22, and it feels like he’s outplayed Riq Woolen far more often than not. I’m going to blame Woolen’s summer injury a little, and the fact that Brown is actually really good, and hope it’s not the signal of a total collapse for Woolen. The latter gave up a touchdown, while the former forced a fumble, and this was really the only way to get another defensive player in this piece.

Seattle will come back home to recover and hopefully practice their tackling. Perhaps we’ll have some more encouraging numbers next week.