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Seahawks legend Earl Thomas targeted in $1.9 million identity theft scheme

The man allegedly behind the scheme is the current partner of Thomas’ ex-wife.

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

When we last heard about former Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, his house was engulfed in flames after it was struck by lightning. In the latest sad chapter of his post-playing career, it appears as if Thomas is the victim of a major identity theft scheme.

According to an extensive report by the New Orleans Times Picayune, Thomas was allegedly defrauded of almost $2 million by his ex-wife’s current partner, Kevin J. Thompson. The 38-year-old Thompson faces charges including identity theft, forgery, money laundering, and several counts of fraud, per the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation revealed that in May 2022, Thompson allegedly used a driver’s license with his photo, but used Thomas’ personal information “to create a phony bank account and transfer vehicle titles, authorities said, including the blue Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV he drove to the bank where he was arrested.” Thompson is also accused of depositing Thomas’ NFL checks into fraudulent accounts, with at least $700,000 deposited into the Jefferson Federal Credit Union, as well as stealing money from Thomas’ retirement account.

Here are some more details from the investigation:

But the scam wasn’t limited to bank accounts, according to authorities. Thompson is accused of using the fake identity to transfer ownership of “several” vehicles owned, Veal said.

Thompson then sold Thomas’ vehicles, pocketing the cash, authorities said. It’s not clear how Thompson got physical possession of the vehicles. That is still under investigation, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Thomas’ credit union in Texas contacted officials at Jefferson Financial in June to notify them about the suspicious activity, authorities said. Management at Jefferson Financial reached out to the Sheriff’s Office on June 8 after they determined the person who opened an account was not Earl Thomas III, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas has been out of the NFL since he was unceremoniously released by the Baltimore Ravens prior to the start of the 2020 season. On the field, Thomas was known as one of the integral figures of the ‘Legion of Boom’ secondary, and was one of the foundations of the Seahawks’ rebuild when Pete Carroll was hired in 2010. Off the field, unfortunately, has been a vastly different story over the past three years.

The 34-year-old’s personal life, legal troubles, and general well-being have all been under a negative spotlight. Thomas’ wife was arrested in April of 2020 for pointing a gun at Earl’s head after breaking into an Airbnb rental and catching him in an affair with another woman. She later filed for divorce in November. In 2021, Thomas was arrested for unlawful weapon possession, which was later dismissed after he agreed to surrender the weapon. Last year, he was arrested for multiple protective order violations, including alleged threatening text messages toward his wife and children.

One month prior to the start of Thompson’s alleged identity theft crimes, Earl Thomas told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he was ready to make an NFL comeback, which obviously has not materialized.

Thompson remains the only person arrested in this investigation, and he’s currently free on $730,000 bond. It’s worth noting that the article does not have any quotes from Thomas or even representatives on Thomas’ behalf.