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The Open Field: Is 5-3 the Seahawks’ record you expected at the halfway(ish) point?

It hasn’t been pretty but Seattle is still in good playoff position.

Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

It may not feel like it, but the Seattle Seahawks are indeed 5-3 and have only spent one (1) week below .500 this entire 2023 NFL regular season. With the defense getting a harsh reality check against the Baltimore Ravens and the offense getting held in check a bit too much in recent weeks, there’s some level of concern that what was supposed to be an improvement upon 2022 may either be regression or stagnation.

Upon checking my own game-by game predictions for the Seahawks, I said 10-7 (wild card) would be Seattle’s final regular season tally. I’ve been pretty damn accurate for once in my life.

And for what it’s worth, I think I’m unchanged on those remaining game picks.

This week’s question is whether or not this was the record you expected Seattle to have at this point of the season. In terms of performance, they probably haven’t met most expectations. But in terms of record? Anything better than 5-3 and we’re talking potential Super Bowl contention. Even the “easier” portion of Seattle’s schedule still contains the 5-3 Bengals, 5-3 Browns (whose defense has carried them superbly), and 6-2 Lions. The Seahawks took two of those three and really should’ve won the Bengals game with any average red zone play.

Again, maybe 5-3 is the record you’d anticipated when you looked at the schedule and preseason was all wrapped up, but the process probably isn’t what you’d hoped to see. Or you had higher hopes for this squad and expected better than 5-3. Or, you were really fearing heavy regression and thought 4-4 or worse was how the season should shape up through the halfway mark.

Answer away in the comments!

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