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Seahawks by the Numbers: Some zeros and a top-end speed define Week 13 loss

Check out some of the interesting statistics from the team’s final Thursday night game.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks finally played a good game and lost, which is pretty annoying because it’s probably the first. They’ve played some bad games and won, they’ve played some horrible games and lost, but this is the first one that seemed to be, well, competitive, with Seattle falling short to the Dallas Cowboys.

We got some big time numbers this week, let’s round them up. Here’s the storyline of the game told through nine statistics.


Let’s start with the obvious. The offense showed up. That’s the most points scored since Week 3, the most in a regular season game against not the Carolina Panthers, and the second-most allowed by the Dallas Cowboys, behind only their San Francisco game.

19, 60, 3.2

That’s the carries, rush yards, and YPC for Zach Charbonnet. It’s pretty clear that this offensive line is not a stellar run blocking group, and Kenneth Walker was making more out of little than Charbonnet is able.


That’s DK Metcalf’s top speed on his 73-yard touchdown grab, the fastest speed by a ball carrier in three years.


That’s not a real number, that’s my opinion of the officiating this week. I’d list the total yards in penalties, but at least half of them - on both sides - were insanely stupid and made for some unwatchable uninteresting football for large portions of the game.


This column doesn’t ordinarily include this much media, but 0 is the number of assigned blockers to Micah Parsons on the final play of the game for Geno Smith. After helping him out far more than they have all season, the offensive line and play call abandoned their captain in his finest hour.


A sack and a tackle for loss by Leonard Williams brings his total of such with the Seahawks up to 5. He’s really freakin good and it’s a crime he came over just in time for the rest of the defense to melt like that popsicle from the Katy Perry song. It’s not his fault.


That’s first downs given up by the defense. 6 times Seattle gave a new set of downs by penalty, which, some were actual penalties. Still, both those numbers are enormous.

9 of 14

Third down conversions?!?! What if Pete Carroll was telling the truth? Either way, this is a great number and a mark of why the offense was so successful.

8 of 14

That’s Dallas’ third down conversion though, so this side of the ball is still an issue. This is a bad number and a mark of why the opposing offense was so successful.

0 of 3

That’s the 4th down conversions, so when you put them all together, Seattle still technically struggled in the big moments.

The final 0

That’s the theme of this week. This time, it’s the sacks given up on Geno Smith against a ridiculously good Cowboys pass rush. Props to the offensive line and Shane Waldron or Pete Carroll or whoever put their foot down, 9 weeks too late, and decided that this could actually be a good offense.