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Seahawks playoff odds rapidly dwindling after third straight loss

Moral victories are not actual victories.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks’ playoff hopes are not on life support, but they are in critical condition after dropping Thursday’s 41-35 thriller with the Dallas Cowboys.

A 6-3 record has given way to a losing streak that puts them at 6-6 with five games to go. This is almost exactly how last season almost unraveled, when the team went from 6-3 to 7-8 before winning out and getting some outside help in order to make the postseason. In all likelihood, this is what will be required for Seattle to make another trip to the playoffs, but the outside help is far from assured.

The New York Times playoff machine puts the Seahawks’ current odds at just 27%, and it will lower to 24% if the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cleveland Browns. It turns out that almost beating the Rams and Cowboys is actually worse than actually beating them. As things stand, Seattle is the No. 7 seed, but either the Rams or Green Bay Packers will unseat them with a W.

Sumer Sports has a more optimistic view, with Seattle falling to 43%. I can assure you it was much higher just two weeks ago.

FTN Fantasy’s DVOA playoff odds had the Seahawks below 40% before this week, and it’s likely going to lower come next week.

It’s not over, but realistically the Seahawks need a lot of help, in addition to helping themselves by winning games again. There’s really not much spinning you can do for this season when the Seahawks are in danger of missing the postseason in a really weak NFC.