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‘Big yikes’ - Seahawks fans react to 4th straight loss of the season, 5th straight to 49ers

Fans and analysts react to yet another Seahawks loss.

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

At times like this, it is best to take a page out of the book of Tyler Lockett.

At this point, even a ‘90s holiday-movie-sized-miracle doesn’t seem big enough to overcome the hole that this team is in currently. As frustrating as it is to see them on a crushing losing streak, it is even more frustrating to see it happening while the team still seems to have some hope alive. For several weeks now, the Seattle Seahawks have watched as their postseason hopes have dwindled as their rival San Francisco 49ers have continued to excel. So here we are. Somewhat surprisingly... people seem to be more ‘numb’ than ‘angry.’ Or maybe that isn’t surprising given how awful this stretch has felt?

Adding to this frustration, it appears that the writing is on the wall and Jamal Adams may be nearing the end of his time with the Seahawks, and it is not wrapping up like anybody had hoped.

Just for the sake of fond memories... how good have the Seahawks been recently?

It hurts because it is true. For the record... the interception on the ill-advised shot to DK Metcalf was sandwiched in between these two tweets.

Good night. Or just ‘night.’