No Team is Better Than Their Record - Week 15

The Bubonic Plague hit the Grythms household this week, so I have been late putting this together. And hitting the rankings this week, a new #1, even though neither of the top two teams lost. So without further ado, on to the rankings and playoff predictions!

1. Ravens (+1) The Ravens took over the top spot based on strength of opponents this week. You can only beat the teams on your schedule, but the Ravens have faced the 7th toughest schedule so far this year, while the 49ers have only faced the 13th toughest. Either way, #1 vs. #2 will be decided head-to-head this week, as the 49ers come to Baltimore. I've got the Ravens in this one, which will open up a slim chance for someone else in the NFC to take over the top seed, but the 49ers will still be the best team in the conference. Prediction: AFC #1 seed.

2. 49ers (-1) Despite putting a thumping on the Arizona Cardinals and clinching the NFC West, the 49ers fell in the power rankings this week. Best way to resolve that, go beat the Ravens this weekend. Please see above for my prediction on that game. Prediction: NFC West champs, #1 NFC Playoff seed, based on winning a tiebreaker head-to-head against the Eagles.

3. Eagles (-) The Eagles lost their third straight game this week to the Seattle Seahawks, reviving playoff hopes in the Pacific Northwest and amplifying criticisms and recriminations in the City of Brotherly Love. But have no fear, Philly fans, the next three opponents couldn't have been picked much better to get you right. Prediction: NFC East Champs and #2 seed, based on losing the head-to-head tiebreaker against the 49ers.

4. Cowboys (-) The Cowboys got thumped by the Bills this weekend, but it was still only their fourth loss, and they are temporarily in possession of the NFC East lead. I say temporarily because with games against the Lions and Dolphins still on their schedule, they'll lose at least one of those, and the Eagles shouldn't lose, with two against the Giants and one against the Cardinals remaining. Prediction: NFC Wild Card team, #5 or #6 seed, depending on whether they go 2-1 or 1-2 down the stretch.

5. Lions (-) The Lions took out their embarrassment at losing to the Bears last week by whuppin' the Broncos this week. Their schedule isn't simple the rest of the way, but they'll go 2-1. Prediction: NFC North Champs, #3 seed.

6. Dolphins (-) The Dolphins took care of business against the New York Jets this week, which is good since they probably have the toughest remaining schedule. It's not out of the realm of the possible that they could lose out, but I am guessing they'll go 1-2. Prediction: AFC East Champs after beating the Bills in Week 18!

7. Browns (+1) The Joe Flacco-led Brown just keep churning out wins. Prediction: Wildcard team.

8. Chiefs (+1) The Chiefs got back on track this week against the Patriots, and as I said last week, will likely ride a 4-game win streak into the playoffs. Prediction: AFC West Champs and #2seed.

9. Jaguars (-2) The Jags have lost three straight, but I gotta think that they get off the schneid this week and run the table the rest of the way to avoid an embarrassing collapse. Prediction: Division champs and #4 seed.

10. Bengals (-) Another win for Jake Browning, but they've got a pretty tough schedule left, and likely go 1-2 the rest of the way. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

11. Bills (+3) The Bills are getting hot at the right time. After thumping the Cowboys last week, they have two relatively easy games before finishing the season against the Dolphins in a game that could be for the Division title. Prediction: Wildcard teams after losing to the Dolphins in Week 18.

12. Colts (-1) Back in the win column this week, the Colts find themselves in a tie for the division with the Jaguars. They have to win out and hope that the Jags drop at least one to win the division, as the Jags took both head-to-head games this year. Prediction: Wildcard Team.

13. Texans (-) The Texans and CJ Stroud made the season fun for Houston fans and give them reason to hope going forward, but this is where the dream dies. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

14. Seahawks (+4) The Seahawks win over the Eagles on MNF catapulted them from almost out of the playoff race to almost in control of their own destiny. The question now is whether this is the type of win that gives a team momentum to make a deep run into the playoffs, or whether it's just fool's gold to give the 12's hope -€” and then dash it? Prediction: Wildcard team. (Did you think I'd predict anything else?)

15. Rams (+4) Despite identical records, the Rams are currently ahead of the Seahawks in the playoff standings. The Rams still have to play the 49ers however, and the Seahawks have already taken their lumps. Prediction: Miss the playoffs!!! (Because, FTR)

16. Steelers (-4) The Steelers have now lost 3 in a row to fall to 7-7, and their remaining games are against the Bengals, Seahawks and Ravens, all better teams than them. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

17. Broncos (-1) As predicted, the Broncos lost to the Lions this week, but I still think they close out the season with 3 wins. Prediction: Wildcard team.

18. Buccaneers (-1) Although both teams are 7-7, the Saints and Bucs are both playing like the want to win their division. Prediction: Bucs beat the Saints in week 17 to take the division.

The Ten Count Has Started:

19. Vikings (-4) The freefall has begun. The Vikings are currently 7-7 and hold the #6 see. Prediction: Finish 7-10 and miss the playoffs.

20. Saints (+2) The Saints beat the New York Giants this week, but likely only have one win left in their season -€” against the Falcons in Week 18. Prediction: Unfortunately, when they lose to the Bucs in Week 17 their playoff dreams will end.

21. Packers (-1) The Packers' loss to the Bucs this week was likely the death knell of their playoff hopes. There is a good chance they win out but are already a game behind too many other teams to get back into the hunt, barring some really strange results. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

22. Raiders (+1) The Raiders put a beating on the Chargers, making a statement about just how much they hated their erstwhile coach. That was the last piston to fire on this jalopy, however, and they'll finish the season on a three-game losing streak. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

23. Falcons (-2) Losing 9-7 to the Panthers just about says it all, doesn't it? Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

Count Them Out:

24. Jets (+1) Eliminated from contention.

25. Titans (-1) Eliminated from contention.

26. Chargers (-) Prediction: 6-11.

27. Bears (-) Prediction: 4-13

28. Giants (-) Prediction: 4-13

29. Commanders (-) Eliminated from contention.

30. Cardinals (+1) Eliminated from contention.

31. Patriots (-1) Eliminated from contention.

32. Panthers (-) Eliminated from contention.