No Team is Better Than Their Record - Week 16

So I'm totally going to crow a bit on this one. All of the national media Power Rankings are talking about how the Ravens have finally moved into the #1 spot. I, of course, put them there last week, based on their having the same record against a tougher slate of opponents than the 49ers. And it looks like more time in the crucible produces a more battle-tested team. I'm also going to say for the record that the only thing that makes me almost as happy (football-wise) as a Seahawks win, is a 49ers loss. On to the power rankings, which will likely be a bit shorter, as there are only two weeks left in the season.

1. Ravens (-) A week after taking over the #1 slot, the Ravens proved convincingly that they deserve to be there. The Ravens have just become the team to beat and odds on favorite to win the Superbowl. If you don't believe that, you haven't been paying attention. Prediction: AFC #1 seed.

2. 49ers (-) Four Interceptions for Brock Purdy, critically weakens any MVP talk, and lends credence to those (Yours Truly included) who believe he's just a system guy in a very good system. When faced with a defense that had the weapons to defend against his weapons and put some pressure on him to boot, Brock was not up to the task. What's more, they have opened the door for a stumble to bump them out of the #1 seed, as there are two other teams in the NFC with the same record as them. Prediction: NFC West champs, #1 NFC Playoff seed.

3. Eagles (-) The Eagles managed to get a win this week, but only because the Giants waited too long to put Tyrod in the game. I'm still sticking with my prediction from last week, but the Eagles seem to be falling further apart every week. Prediction: NFC East Champs and #2 seed, based on losing the head-to-head tiebreaker against the 49ers.

4. Lions (+1) The Lions clinched the NFC North this week, so it's all gravy from here out! Prediction: NFC North Champs, #3 seed.

5. Dolphins (+1) The Dolphins beat the Cowboys at home this week, proving who the real bully is in the NFL. Prediction: AFC East Champs, and #2 seed.

6. Browns (+1) The Joe Flacco-led Brown just keep churning out wins. Prediction: AFC #5 seed.

7. Cowboys (-3) The Cowboys had a chance to nail down the NFC East this week, and all it required was for them to win on the road. Of course, the Cowboys don't win on the road, so they didn't get it done. Prediction: NFC Wild Card team, #5 or #6 seed, depending on whether they go 2-1 or 1-2 down the stretch.

8. Chiefs (-) The Chiefs got beat by the Raiders. And not the Al Davis bad boys of the 80's Raiders, the current can't hardly beat anybody Raiders. Luckily, their division pretty much stinks. Prediction: AFC West Champs and #3seed.

9. Bills (+3) The Bills messed around before winning again this week, and jumping another 3 slots in the rankings. Prediction: Wildcard team after losing to the Dolphins in Week 18.

10. Jaguars (-1) The Jags continue to lose and continue to fall, but I still believe they'll right the ship and win their division. Prediction: Division champs and #4 seed.

11. Bengals (-1) Jake Browning was reminded that he's not a starting NFL quarterback this week. Prediction: 1-1 the next two weeks and miss the playoffs.

12. Seahawks (+2) The Seahawks second last minute, come from behind win, combined with a Vikings loss puts them in control of their own playoff destiny. Prediction: Wildcard team.

13. Rams (+2) Despite identical records, the Rams are currently ahead of the Seahawks in the playoff standings. The Rams still have to play the 49ers however, and the Seahawks have already taken their lumps. Prediction: Miss the playoffs!!! (Because, FTR)

14. Steelers (+2) The Steelers beat up on the Bengals, reminding them that Jake Browning wasn't starting there for a reason. But they'll finish the season with losses to the Seahawks and Ravens. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

15. Buccaneers (+3) Baker Mayfield is playing like a playoff caliber signal caller, and I think he gets it done in Tampa. Prediction: NFC South Division Champs and #4 seed.

16. Colts (-4) Climbing all the way back to lose to the Falcons feels like a tragedy, but with games remaining against the Raiders and suddenly downtrodden Texans, I think they still get it done. Prediction: Wildcard Team.

17. Texans (-4) The Texans ran into the suddenly very dangerous Browns this week, and got hammered. I think they'll win this week against the Titans and set up a big game and huge disappointment when the Colts beat them in Indianapolis. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

18. Broncos (-1) Losing to the Patriots this week was a dagger in the chest for the Broncos. If they win out, they may sneak in due to fratricide amongst the teams above them Prediction: Wildcard team.

The Ten Count Has Started:

19. Vikings (-) The freefall has continues. The Vikings are currently 7-8 and fell out of playoff seeding. Don't see them winning out to even have a chance. Prediction: Finish 7-10 and miss the playoffs.

20. Raiders (+2) The Raiders decided they liked winning last week, so did it again, against the KC Chiefs. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

21. Packers (-) It took all the Packers could muster to beat the Panthers this week. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

22. Saints (-2) The Saints may not even get the one more win I predicted for them. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

23. Falcons (-) The Falcons appear to have been properly embarrassed to lose to the Panthers last week. The Colts suffered for it. Prediction: Miss the playoffs.

Count Them Out:

24. Jets (-) Prediction: 7-10.

25. Bears (+2) Prediction: 7-10.

26. Chargers (-) Eliminated from contention.

27. Titans (-2) Eliminated from contention.

28. Giants (-) Eliminated from contention.

29. Patriots (+2) Eliminated from contention.

30. Commanders (-1) Eliminated from contention.

31. Cardinals (-1) Eliminated from contention.

32. Panthers (-) Eliminated from contention.