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‘I would fire Hurtt’ - Social media tackles the topic of Riq Woolen, awful Seahawks defense

Missing tackles leads to missing the playoffs, Riq.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Wasn’t that just wonderful? Another historic performance against the Seahawks?

The Seattle Seahawks missed just about every tackle that they possibly could, and then Riq Woolen even missed a few more (impossible as that may sound) en route to what was essentially a two-score loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. In Seattle. With Mason Rudolph under center. Because that is the type of season that they are having. And fans are getting sick of it. Gone are the days of sure tackling, here are the days of playing flag football in a full-contact league.

One player, in particular, is drawing the ire of damn near every Seahawks fan with the means to follow the team, and it is ironically the same player who endeared himself to that same fanbase just a year ago. Instead of an encore, we are witnessing a sophomore slump that threatens to become a sophomore crater... or at least a hole on this roster, as he is barely playable at this point. In what was a near-perfect microcosm of his season, we saw Riq on the receiving end not of an interception, but of a Marshawn Lynch-style stiff arm that sent him flying cartoonishly through the air like a proverbial ragdoll. Unsurprisingly, fans spared few words in their description of his performance online, so here are some highlights. Or low-lights. Whatever.