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Seahawks vs. Cowboys draws biggest ever Prime Video audience

That’s a lot of eyeballs.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Not only did the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys score some big time points, they scored massive ratings as well.

The Thursday Night Football game - and not even the Thanksgiving one - almost hit 18 million viewers at one point.

This marks another transition in the inevitable switch towards streaming in regards to NFL. What has often been the most-watched television program in history, NFL games are scoring big on the various streaming services.

But enough about that, this is about the Seahawks offense, obviously. People saw DK Metcalf wreck that one guy who jumped in the Salvation Army bucket on Thanksgiving and said “hey you gotta come watch this dude!”

That’s how I picture it went, at least.

Despite how we all may feel about a good portion of the season, when Geno Smith and the offense are on, this team is supremely enjoyable. The defense is another story, although the likes of Devon Witherspoon, Jamal Adams and Leonard Williams turned in some pretty big plays in between all the penalties and other nonsense.

On another note, I taught my father-in-law how to navigate Amazon Prime for the Thursday games a couple weeks ago, so that was a pretty big win as well.

Over 15 million viewer average is a wonderful amount of people who got to see the incredible Seattle throwback uniforms. Additionally, the Seahawks were done with primetime games, but have been flexed into the Monday Night slot against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 18.