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Friday an important day for several Seahawks

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

This past Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII, meaning the offseason officially kicked off for all 32 teams across the NFL. In addition, since the Super Bowl was played on Sunday, that means that Monday was the first day of the annual waiver period for the NFL. That is relevant for a number of reasons, and in particular it is relevant for several members of the Seattle Seahawks in that it started the five day countdown to Friday.

Specifically, when it comes to structuring contracts, the Seahawks often have a tendency to use salary that is effectively fully guaranteed, with those effective guarantees vesting into full guarantees on the fifth day of the league waiver period. As noted above, with Monday as the first day of the league waiver period, Friday is the fifth day, meaning several members of the roster woke up Friday morning with new guarantees in their contract having vested.

The new guarantees which vested thanks to being on the roster Friday are for the following players:

  • WR DK Metcalf: $2.2M 2023 base salary and $12M option bonus now fully guaranteed
  • TE Will Dissly: $5.64M 2023 base salary fully guaranteed
  • FS Quandre Diggs: $13.49M 2023 base salary fully guaranteed
  • SS Jamal Adams: $2.56M of 2023 base salary fully guaranteed

These guarantees now mean that releasing any of these four players would cost the team cap space in 2023 as opposed to creating space, and all but guarantees that they will be with the Seahawks in the coming season.