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Seahawks have longest Super Bowl 2024 odds of any playoff team

NFL: Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is mere days underway, and the opinion of the Seattle Seahawks is nearly identical to what it was one year ago.

Those way-too-early Vegas odds on next season’s Super Bowl are out, and Seattle is far down the list.

Really far.

DraftKings Sportsbook currently has the Seahawks at +7000 to win, which is an implied odds of 1.41%.

The only six teams below the playoff-making Seahawks are the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, and Houston Texans.

For anyone wondering, the Denver Broncos - whose fifth overall pick is owned by Seattle - have the 14th best odds to win next year’s Super Bowl.

What’s going on here?

One thing of interest is that several teams without any kind of quarterback certainty are still ranked far above Seattle. It’s not only a slight against Geno Smith - either his talent or his remaining with the team - that sent the Seahawks 13 spots lower than their 2022 finish.

Clearly, the perception is that a significant roster talent disparity won’t be made up in one offseason. Yes, Pete Carroll and Geno Smith wrestled their way into the playoffs, but the belief is that November is more indicative of the Seahawks true talent than the five-out-of-six stretch.

John Schneider won the offseason last year, signing Smith, bringing in Uchenna Nwosu and retaining Al Woods. With even greater draft ammunition than last year, and another shot at an impact player or two in the coming months, there’s still probably little Schneider could do to move these early-season odds much, besides some massive QB splash.

Either way, it’s big disrespect to a team that made the playoffs mere months ago, and a sign that the defense has a long way to go to be taken remotely seriously.