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PFF revises Geno Smith contract slightly projection lower

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Monday marks three weeks until the legal tampering period of the NFL offseason begins, and with the 2023 NFL Combine sandwiched between now and then, that time will pass extremely quickly. For the Seattle Seahawks, one of the biggest question marks for the offseason is how the team will approach the quarterback position, and in particular whether or not it will reach a contract extension or even potentially franchise tag Geno Smith.

The projections for what Smith could earn as a free agent have been all over the map, with many fans hoping he’ll give the Hawks a home town discount in appreciation for their role in helping him create a market for himself. Fans did not think that the initial contract projections for Smith published by PFF in January were reasonable, and will be glad to hear the newly revised projection is lower, although not low enough that fans will get excited.

Shortening the contract length to three years and dropping the average annual salary from $37.5M to $35M is unlikely to make a significant impact on where fans stand, and it would not be surprising to see fans push back especially hard on the $72.5M guaranteed that Spielberger now projects. That number is likely based on an estimate of what it would cost the Seahawks to franchise tag Smith in each of the next two seasons, meaning it is a number that may not have a lot of wiggle room.