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Field Gulls Podcast: What do the early Seahawks moves tell us about offseason plans?

We’re looking for clues as far as Seattle’s plans for the 2023 NFL season.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have been making a few early offseason moves as we approach free agency. Jason Myers was already extended as one of the league’s highest-paid kickers back in January, but over the past few days they have retained the services of fullback/linebacker/special teams ace Nick Bellore and guard Phil Haynes. The contract handed to Haynes may indicate that (at least for 2023) he could be a starter and permanently replace Gabe Jackson, who’s widely figured to be a cap casualty.

Field Gulls Podcast host Dan Viens has a new episode discussing what we’ve seen thus far from Seattle and whether it gives us any insight as to what the bigger plans are this offseason. He also relays his thoughts on the Seahawks’ quarterback situation and what the team might do.

And as an important announcement: As you probably know by now, the Field Gulls Podcast will be no more after February 28th, as part of the Vox Media cuts. However, the podcast itself is not going away. Dan will keep the Field Gulls Podcast under the rebranded name, the “Seahawks Forever Podcast.” The feeds will be in Dan’s possession and the best news is you will not have to resubscribe! There will be a rebranding once this show is off the Vox platform, but past episodes will still be around and future episodes won’t be hard to find! There is one more episode to come later this week and I’ll relay this message again once that show goes live. I thank Dan, Dayna O’Gorman, and Brandan Schulze for all of their great work on this podcast.

Listen in the audio player below!

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