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The Social Club: Sharing your favorite win of the 2022 Seahawks season

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks were projected to get maybe six wins at best in the 2022 season. Thanks to a schedule that wasn’t nearly as daunting as expected, as well as very big production from the rookie class and Geno Smith, Seattle finished 9-8 and made the postseason. Seattle got off to a winning start with a dramatic win over Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos, won a Scorigami shootout over the Detroit Lions, hit a real high point with a dominant display against the Los Angeles Chargers, and also notched a pair of game-winning drives against the Los Angeles Rams that propelled them into the playoffs.

In the return of The Social Club, in which we pose a question on social media and highlight some of the top responses. What was your favorite win of the entire season? Thankfully no one took the bait and said “any Broncos loss” or “Packers over the Lions” so let’s see how Twitter replied!

Lots of Broncos responses that I fully understand, but I think the Los Angeles Chargers game was the best overall performance in terms of how complete the effort was. Seattle’s offense was on point (even sans DK Metcalf), at times dominant on defense, and the game was really never in doubt in the 4th quarter. The Chargers eventually made the playoffs for their ritual January embarrassment, but it was Seattle’s only win against a 10+ win squad and they led from their 2nd offense drive all the way until the kneeldown.

Now it’s the FG community’s turn to sound off in the comments! What was your favorite win of 2022? And it can be for any reason you desire.

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